The internet runs on free open-source software. Who pays to fix it? | MIT Technology Review

How Walmart Canada Uses Blockchain to Solve Supply-Chain Challenges

The Lucid Air, the first model from California-based electric car start-up company Lucid Motors, has been named MotorTrend's 2022 Car of the Year, beating the Mercedes EQS

Will People Pay For A Search Engine? Subscription Biz Vet Steven Shure Thinks So | AdExchanger

Apple’s first computer, a collector’s dream, could fetch $500,000 at auction

Here's the FBI's Internal Guide for Getting Data from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon

Examining algorithmic amplification of political content on Twitter

Twitter algorithms bias toward right-wing content - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

45 million people targeted by scam calls and texts this summer - Ofcom

How the government's 'fake news' rebuttal operation targets journalists on Twitter

Klarna reports disconnect between what shoppers want and what retailers believe they want

5 yearly report on AI from Stanford - the pithy conclusion ends "the success of the field will be measured by how it has empowered all people, not by how efficiently machines devalue the very people we are trying to help"

There's moose roaming across the LAN.

Good to be peering,!


Pleased to welcome another new member to LONAP - FAELIX, AS 41495,


Why you can't trust ratings on sites like Amazon and TripAdvisor

Privacy, ads and confusion - interesting take from Benedict Evans

Blues Wireless -interesting inexpensive IoT board with bundled flat rate connectivity from Ray Ozzie via

Data science and AI in the age of COVID - Turing Institute report - AI tools made little impact in the fight against COVID

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