If you have a RIPE NCC audit coming up, or need some advice managing your resources, get in touch. If you’re considering becoming a LIR then check out the new LIR webinar at RIPE

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Reminder: Our free for New LIRs is tomorrow! Make sure to register here:

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Debian 10 "Buster" has been released! We've got our new VPS templates built, and they'll be live soon! faelix.link/debian10

According to cbeci.org/ it looks like each Bitcoin transaction wastes the same energy as a lightning strike.

Thanks @MigratingDragns@twitter.com for taking a detour, stopping by, and talking about Dastardly-over-HTTPS with us.

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Following the uproar over @ISPAUK@twitter.com's award, @tdobson@twitter.com and @maznu@twitter.com from @faelix@twitter.com sat down to talk about why people are so upset about it:

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Nice work by @netweaveruk@twitter.com!

Hey @ISPAUK@twitter.com, not sure that nomination of yours is working out as planned. Villainy seems to be in fashion right now.

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Inspired by @faelix@twitter.com & @aaisp@twitter.com our DNS-over-HTTPS service with @the_pi_hole@twitter.com filtering and @powerdns@twitter.com resolving is free to use : netweaver.uk/dns-over-https/

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For the people asking whether email tracking pixels are subject to GDPR and similar EU/UK privacy laws, the answer seems to be YES.

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) just published updated guidance on cookies and pixels here: ico.org.uk/media/for-organisat

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"Behavioural advertising is out of control!" Looking forward to hearing about @ICOnews@twitter.com' enforcement actions. faelix.link/icortb

"Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch." (don't send DoH to Cloudflare) faelix.link/wapofirefox

Climate crisis, decade-old promise to reduce subsidies, but some G20 countries will pump even more cash into coal. faelix.link/g20coal

We'll be updating our CRM shopping module because the cart review step costs ~30% of sales. TIL! faelix.link/cartconvert

Decision by @ICANN@twitter.com: @Amazon@twitter.com wins rights to .amazon GTLD. But of course it does. FFS. faelix.link/dotamazon

Feeling fresh after our 13th birthday celebrations last night. And we're looking sharp this morning, even if we do say so ourselves — check out our new website and branding! faelix.net/

Happy 13th birthday to us! Celebrating by playing with our new toy: an instant online leased-line quote-o-matic. faelix.link/leasedline

Time to deploy all the extensions on our recursive resolvers: just a few lines in our @SaltStack@twitter.com states, a bit of @dnsdist@twitter.com magic (thanks, @PowerDNS_Bert@twitter.com and @SinodunCom@twitter.com)… and open DNS-over-HTTPS is ready for service at rdns.faelix.net/

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We troll bots for a living. This one made 3.7M unsuccessful HTTP requests in 24 hrs, and we responded to each with a js cryptographic challenge, which effectively tarpits the bot by sucking up CPU resources. Expensive, Lambda CPU resources. This guy's AWS bill is going to be nuts

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