More GPT-3 AI - Creating Images from Text: like "an emoji of a baby penguin wearing a blue hat, red gloves, green shirt, and yellow pants"

How a fault with a network driver caused a router crash on New Year's Eve - trials & tribulations with the Intel i40e Series: since establishing a UK network ring, OSPFv3 caused instability in our internal IPv6 routing, & blackholing of some IPv6 traffic


Congratulations to ConneXions Partners on becoming a Silver reseller... "We are proud to work with LINX and our customers to help them build relationships and look forward to bringing more members on the and exchanges this year."


Trials & Tribulations with the Intel i40e Series: Since establishing a UK network ring we found OSPFv3 to be unstable... FRR’s ospf6d process would exit unexpectedly, causing instability in our internal IPv6 routing, & blackholing of some IPv6 traffic

Deepmind is cracking AlphaFold - "We have been stuck on this one problem for nearly 50 years. To see DeepMind produce a solution for this, having worked personally on this problem for so long ... wondering if we’d ever get there, is a very special moment"

Nice post from at the Guardian "Typerighter – the Guardian’s automated tool for spotting when I’ve strayed from the righteous path"

Why did renewables become so cheap so fast? some excellent data and charts

Machine learning: GANs - This X Does Not Exist - On the MP's GAN the example thumbnail looks like a young Tony Blair

Read our latest case-study “A story of industry collaboration during lockdown” How we built Pinnacom's new network during COVID

Amazon's profits, AWS and advertising — Thoughtful analysis of AWS contribution to Amazon's profit from

Winamp Skin Museum - 65,000 skins, and a twitterbot too!

Some interesting info from bug bounty hackers: "We Hacked Apple for 3 Months: Here’s What We Found" Apple own the entire IP range... hackers found 55 vulerabilites - 11 critical severity, 29 high severity

Brain-Computer Interfaces Are Coming. Will We Be Ready? ... the section on opportunities and risks is fascinating. DARPA is funding most of the research in this area of course.

Interesting and thoughtful post - how Tiktok abstracts culure through machine learning - “when you gaze into TikTok, TikTok gazes into you.”

For hi-tech high stakes criminals only - “Picking Locks with Audio Technology”

Our CTO Marek Isalski was in the member panel discussion at members meet today - how collaboration, communication & co-operation delivered a customer network transformation in the middle of a pandemic!


We have a member panel session for you at next week., Pinnacom and discuss the strength of the networking community, working together, evolving your physical network as well as your business strategy. Register to join us here;


Why We Think Our Phones Are Secretly Listening to Us - great piece by - "Not that I want Facebook to listen in on me, but it’s almost more depressing that we’re not even important enough for them to want to try."

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