Government Digital Service strategy for 2021-2024 - Mission 3 is 'A simple digital identity solution that works for everyone'

Facebook Discover = digital colonialism - Rest of World - Rest of World

Slack hack attack at EA - $10 cookie gets then into Slack channel where they ask it to turn off 2 factor auth

Early Status of the FLoC Origin Trials - analysis of the trials of Google's replacement for 3rd party cookies

Can Apple change ads? Nice summary of Apple's privacy approach to the ad market via

Nearly 60% of all Chrome extensions have not been updated in the past 2 years - lots of interesting stats here

We gave a talk at the LINX Manchester Meeting: Steering Eyeballs Closer to Content - wholesale networks tricks for local traffic delivery, using BGP to reduce inter-POP backbone link capacity and maximise use of regional peering IX ports.

I Captured the Iceland Volcano Eruption from Up Close - .... stunning photos

Google Will Not Run FLoC Origin Tests In Europe Due To GDPR Concerns (At Least For Now).... good to kno

Would have had this filed minutes ago had the result not taken so long to announce that the session timed out!

Verkada security camera 'non-hack' (root password exposed on internet) - 150,000 cameras exposed: hackers obtained 4k access to 222 cameras in Tesla factories and warehouses, jails, hospitals, schools etc. Advanced video analytics allows search to track people across rooms.

Visualisation of world's 40m cellular towers using open source OpenCelliD and nice use of the Leaflet map library via

The ever-helpful is pictured here plugging in both our London NNIs. It's time to push some packets to ADSLs, FTTCs, GFasts, and FTTPs up and down the country!

Control Panel - In praise of dials, toggles, buttons, and bulbs. Now here's a rabbit hole to get lost down... via

Check out our deep dive blog post - "High Availability L2TP LNS Steering with FreeRADIUS and ExaBGP" featuring specification, technical design, and implementation details of our L2TP RADIUS tunnel-steering configuration for wholesale XDSL/FTTP services.

Never seen anything like it, in all our years of working in datacentres.


Paint me like one of your French moose!

To whoever was last in this rack in Telehouse TFM23: it might be time to do the right thing and own up! We know exactly when it happened from when that MikroTik's PSU1 failed, and a server lower in the rack suffered a bent CPU heatsink.


Construct the computer from your childhood or build an entire computer museum at home with these paper models, free to download and share - lockdown Origami! Print, Cut, Score, Fold and Glue.

We were recently interviewed by Network Collective for their podcast - we covered a lot of ground: moving from Mikrotik to VyOS; using Netbox as a single source of truth; our open source project 'Halophile Router' - mixing Saltstack, Netbox and VyOS; and much more.

More GPT-3 AI - Creating Images from Text: like "an emoji of a baby penguin wearing a blue hat, red gloves, green shirt, and yellow pants"

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