Within thirty clock hours we've taken a customer from zero to:

✅ own @RIPENCC@twitter.com resources

✅ providing broadband to their office via our @zenwholesale@twitter.com partnership

✅ dualstack ASN with

✅ production peering on national and regional @LINX_Network@twitter.com LANs

Servers with a Java-only IPMI KVM. 🤬

RT @gabbifish@twitter.com

Holy f*** the Java ecosystem purely exists to infuriate people. How does one install Java these days? What tf is an Amazon Coretto????

🐦🔗: twitter.com/gabbifish/status/1

I Captured the Iceland Volcano Eruption from Up Close - .... stunning photos buff.ly/3slYFFW

Google Will Not Run FLoC Origin Tests In Europe Due To GDPR Concerns (At Least For Now).... good to kno buff.ly/3lUvasm

Would have had this filed minutes ago had the result not taken so long to announce that the session timed out!

Verkada security camera 'non-hack' (root password exposed on internet) - 150,000 cameras exposed: hackers obtained 4k access to 222 cameras in Tesla factories and warehouses, jails, hospitals, schools etc. Advanced video analytics allows search to track people across rooms.

Seeing more and more hydrogen green energy reporting.... Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Rule the $700 Billion Hydrogen Marketv - planning to build a $5 billion plant to make green fuel for export and lessen the country’s dependence on petrodollars.

Thanks, @CarlTSpeak@twitter.com, for being guinea-pig and testing our user-controlled LNS session steering support faelix.net/ref/xdsl/ — we think it's a nice extra bit of functionality for customers using FTTx as backhaul links.

Visualisation of world's 40m cellular towers using open source OpenCelliD and nice use of the Leaflet map library via @benedictevans@twitter.com ow.ly/aKt750DPl6V

The ever-helpful @NetNinjaMoose@twitter.com is pictured here plugging in both our London @zeninternet@twitter.com NNIs. It's time to push some packets to ADSLs, FTTCs, GFasts, and FTTPs up and down the country!

Government wants to build "...a trusted digital identity system for the UK" ...."Digital identities are not ID cards. We are not mandating how the market will develop digital identities" Nothing to worry about here then. ow.ly/u9C750DFM0S

Interesting take on Electric Cars - "To deal with an expensive, dangerous, extremely resource-intensive machine that has helped bring about the destruction of the planet, let’s all buy this new version, which runs on a different fuel." ow.ly/PZet50DFLEF

Our first FTTP1000 link for a customer alt-net's backhaul came into session a few minutes ago. Great start to the weekend!

Control Panel - In praise of dials, toggles, buttons, and bulbs. Now here's a rabbit hole to get lost down... via @martinbelam@twitter.com control--panel.com/

Check out our deep dive blog post - "High Availability L2TP LNS Steering with FreeRADIUS and ExaBGP" featuring specification, technical design, and implementation details of our L2TP RADIUS tunnel-steering configuration for wholesale XDSL/FTTP services. ow.ly/RxDD50DF1z2

Given how Starlink has control of the whole stack, it's amazing they're not deploying DNS64/NAT64 using 464XLAT. Plenty of mobile carriers in Europe have been using this as a huge legacy address space saver.

RT @davidcrawshaw@twitter.com

I take Starlink being all IPv4 CGNAT as validating my minimal viable product reasoning.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/davidcrawshaw/stat

Cold call to the office: "can we speak to your finance team? someone at your org has been browsing our website's IFRS16 pages and I wanted to follow up…"

Yes, we're an ISP…

When the "C" in "CRM and Sales Leads Analytics" stands for "creepy-pasta" and "clueless".

For many years we have shunned @nominet@twitter.com.

Our ever-worsening perception of how they treat small registrars: disenfranchise via voting system, ignore by disbanding engagement channels, belittle grassroots campaigns.

Hope to join soon… after @publicbenefituk@twitter.com takes the trash out.

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