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The UK ICO report into Adtech and real-time bidding concludes that there are significant privacy concerns. Are we surprised?

Decision by wins rights to .amazon GTLD. But of course it does. FFS.

Feeling fresh after our 13th birthday celebrations last night. And we're looking sharp this morning, even if we do say so ourselves — check out our new website and branding!

Happy 13th birthday to us! Celebrating by playing with our new toy: an instant online leased-line quote-o-matic.

Can't help feeling that the only people who know how to run Kubernetes reliably at scale are those who designed it.

The open source zealots were almost right: Microsoft's motto is changing to "embrace, extend, price-hike."

Global survey shows "everybody loves green energy". Yep, us too, so we power 100% of our services with renewables:

CVE-2019-11477 mitigated with one command:
salt '*' 'sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_sack=0'

Want 100% less tracking, 100% less regulators, for only 4% of your ad revenue take? Contextual ads win.

UK public is opposed to giving NHS records to multinational data-exploiters. No shit, Sherlock!

If India bans cryptocurrencies then energy wasted on Bitcoin mining might go down to "only" 5 million US households.

Time to deploy all the extensions on our recursive resolvers: just a few lines in our states, a bit of magic (thanks, and… and open DNS-over-HTTPS is ready for service at

When you host with a provider with high charges for extra CPU usage, you could get a surprise in your bill if your website gets hacked.

At Faelix we don't think that punishment works. We believe that education is a better use of our time and our customers' attention.


We troll bots for a living. This one made 3.7M unsuccessful HTTP requests in 24 hrs, and we responded to each with a js cryptographic challenge, which effectively tarpits the bot by sucking up CPU resources. Expensive, Lambda CPU resources. This guy's AWS bill is going to be nuts


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