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Interesting - favicons potential as stealth trackers "The complexity and feature-rich nature of modern browsers often lead to the deployment of seemingly innocuous functionality that can be readily abused by adversaries,”

Never seen anything like it, in all our years of working in datacentres.


Paint me like one of your French moose!

To whoever was last in this rack in Telehouse TFM23: it might be time to do the right thing and own up! We know exactly when it happened from when that MikroTik's PSU1 failed, and a server lower in the rack suffered a bent CPU heatsink.


We're delivering white label ISP services to a development of 61 flats in Bolton - 1Gbit circuit providing 100mb symmetric connectivity to each flat with faster packages available

Interesting distributed file system development in Brave browser development IPFS

Construct the computer from your childhood or build an entire computer museum at home with these paper models, free to download and share - lockdown Origami! Print, Cut, Score, Fold and Glue.

We were recently interviewed by Network Collective for their podcast - we covered a lot of ground: moving from Mikrotik to VyOS; using Netbox as a single source of truth; our open source project 'Halophile Router' - mixing Saltstack, Netbox and VyOS; and much more.

Twitter acquiring newsletter publishing company Revue - interesting take on Twitter plans for long form content? via

When Adobe Stopped Flash Content From Running It Also Stopped A Chinese Railroad:

ah Flash, used it before Adobe bought it - it was called FutureSplash - we animated a dancing Bez (cost us £500 for the 'worldwide' rights for Bez cartoon animations).

Good breakdown of costs in investing in a hardware startup (US venture model) - thanks

"RSS > AMP" is one of many decentralisation, federation and syndication hills we're prepared to die upon:

Over 1,000 brands ran ads alongside election misinformation - 'efficient' programmatic ad placement highly targeted and open to fraud

Exactly why we set up our privacy DNS service, available to anyone via DNS-over-HTTPS. Read more:


Governmental agencies are standardising on ad blockers because adtech is too much of a malware vector (it also makes it easy to spy on users).

How long before this is expected of CISOs in business too? How about we fix this before it's too late?


More GPT-3 AI - Creating Images from Text: like "an emoji of a baby penguin wearing a blue hat, red gloves, green shirt, and yellow pants"

Cloudflare and Apple design a new privacy-friendly internet protocol | TechCrunch

Cloudflare and Apple design a new privacy-friendly internet protocol: short piece on ODoH (Dubbed Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS)

“Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS” short read from Techcrunch

Multi-Carrier Multi-Network SIM 4G Mobile Connectivity - we're offering wholesale pricing and services for multi-network SIMs. Great for providing WISPs with 3G/4G back-up path capability and providing out-of-band management and SCADA networks

How a fault with a network driver caused a router crash on New Year's Eve - trials & tribulations with the Intel i40e Series: since establishing a UK network ring, OSPFv3 caused instability in our internal IPv6 routing, & blackholing of some IPv6 traffic

We started 2021 by levelling up with — and together we'll continue helping our customers in the to build faster with more resilient .

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Congratulations to ConneXions Partners on becoming a Silver reseller... "We are proud to work with LINX and our customers to help them build relationships and look forward to bringing more members on the and exchanges this year."


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