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Nvidia (NVDA) Takeover of Arm May Be Blocked by U.K. - Bloomberg

Apple robbed the mob’s bank - interesting take on Apple's implementation of App Application Transparency (ATT).... privacy or $$$ ?

Un-steered any-network roaming SIMs are amazing… but the M2M devices they're in often just stick to whatever network they last got signal from, even if the signal is poor. What if you could force them onto a different mobile carrier? Automatically?

Taking the MQTT APIs to the next level: they're bi-directional! 1 minute demo of deactivating a SIM if the IoT/M2M device goes haywire and starts consuming loads of data:

Any-network roaming 4G SIMs for and from , with carrier info and usage data feeding into your control plane in real-time. Watch a 90 second prototype of how to use and to consume streaming telemetry:

Got a broadband service with us? You can connect to the same MQTT broker we use to send line up/down alerts to customers, and consume RADIUS accounting data about your line in real-time:

Why China’s crypto cowboys are fleeing to Texas - Rest of World

Merlin Bird ID – Free, instant bird identification help and guide for thousands of birds – Identify the birds you see or from birdsong

Travis Kalanick is building a secretive dark kitchen empire in Europe - except in UK where Deliveroo are leading this trend

iOS zero-day let SolarWinds hackers compromise fully updated iPhones | Ars Technica

Classified Challenger tank specs leaked online for videogame - more leaky MOD - via

Government Digital Service strategy for 2021-2024 - Mission 3 is 'A simple digital identity solution that works for everyone'

Facebook Discover = digital colonialism - Rest of World - Rest of World

32 year old Brit Lina Khan, Prominent Big Tech Critic, Will Lead The Federal Trade Commission

Slack hack attack at EA - $10 cookie gets then into Slack channel where they ask it to turn off 2 factor auth

Some bitcoin miners in Xinjiang have been ordered to shut down

Early Status of the FLoC Origin Trials - analysis of the trials of Google's replacement for 3rd party cookies

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