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Presentations again! Great to be back and enjoying some NetworkingΒ², and there are some eager folks here soaking it up πŸ‘Œ

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Talk 1: Anchoring networking in cryptography: what's next?! - @JobSnijders@twitter.com

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Hello! The 2nd Thursday is almost upon us, and WE'RE BACK IN PERSON! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ We've two great presentations lined-up, details of which will be in your inboxes already. Join us Thursday 10th March, from 7pm @fiercebarMAN@twitter.com. 😁 (Presos will start at ~7:30!)

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This will be a hybrid meeting. Both in-person and virtual presentation proposals are encouraged. twitter.com/ripemeeting/status

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If Cogent is doing this because they think Russian ISPs can't pay them, hope they're aware the SWIFT blockade cuts both ways:

"Free to good home! @cogentco@twitter.com's routers from Russian market, just swing by this weekend and pick up them up from datacentre car park."

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Cogent has cut internet service to Russia as of noon EST. Impact is immeasurable at this point.

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"Junk by Post" to become even more expensive (and "We'll Pay You to Send Our Junk with Stuff Your Customers Actually Wanted" to boom as a result): bbc.co.uk/news/business-606203

I'm old enough to remember "Clap for Our Carers".

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Members of the Commons broke into spontaneous applause at the start of today after Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle announced that the Ukrainian ambassador to the UK β€” Vadym Prystaiko β€” was watching from the gallery

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Tomorrow 1 March - what & other industry learned about running events. Chaired by @MirjamKuhne@twitter.com of@ripencc, panelists @nanog@twitter.com (@emcnair@twitter.com) @NLNOG@twitter.com (@MelchiorAelmans@twitter.com) @avdepartment@twitter.com (Mark Kisby) @uknof@twitter.com (@ichilton@twitter.com)
Register uknof.uk/virtualMarch2022


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Some people seem surprised The Queen will continue to perform 'minor duties' after testing positive for Covid. But I reckon as long as Andrew isn't performing any 'minor duties' that's the important thing.

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"If you, like me, believe that basic server maintenance is a dying art, how did we get here?" pietrorea.com/2022/01/28/recla

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Place your bets: is @networkservice@twitter.com salivating over the possibilities of something like mt.lv/CCR2004_1G_2XS_PCIe

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Anyone else want one of these made up for cyber incidents!?! 🀣 yes using fat cats

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The next joint @netldn@twitter.com+@net_mcr@twitter.com is tonight (10/02) at 19:30 UTC with two talks:

Talk 1: DDoS Attacks via Laundered DNS Traffic by @maznu@twitter.com

Talk 2: Bruteforcing Android PINs by @urbanadventur3r@twitter.com

Join the mailing list or Slack to receive the Zoom invite: netldn.uk/2022/02/09/netldn-28

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Tomorrow I'm speaking @net_mcr@twitter.com / @netldn@twitter.com, and this is my second favourite slide from the deck.

It's also the only slide that's going to be published β€” because my talk is about multilayer network defense from NXDOMAIN DDoS and I'm not giving potential future attackers a playbook.

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Hey everyone! We will be running a virtual meetup on Thursday evening (not in-person) along with @NetLdn@twitter.com, and there are two wonderful talks put together into the schedule. Some details flying out to your mailboxes as soon as we can write them! 19:30 UTC+0 start as per usual!πŸ˜ƒ

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