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developer: so i have good news and bad news

manager: what's the good news?

developer: i've discovered that the "5 second rule" only applies to food

manager: and the bad news?

developer: i dropped our tables

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Tons of open source control and data plane networking chat when I spent an hour with @showipintbri@twitter.com and @bcjordo@twitter.com, with particular focus on @FRRouting@twitter.com and @vyos_dev@twitter.com.

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Hot off the press - Lessons Learned From A Regional Provider Network. We speak with @maznu@twitter.com at @faelix@twitter.com about what he has learned in this unique networking environment. networkcollective.com/2021/01/

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"The future of 100G, 400G, 400+G & 800Gig optics. - It's Confused!" will be presented by Dirk Götzl from @hubersuhner@twitter.com at 13:00 UTC during @uknof@twitter.com tomorrow (19 January). You can still register to watch & participate. uknof.uk/46 ^DB

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Pretty "generous" to call them "journalists"!

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BBC's Laura Kuenssberg used the the word "generous" while describing universal credit. This an opinion and not evidence-based journalism. It gives the distinct impression people receiving the payment, should be "grateful" @BBCr4today@twitter.com

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More reasons to deploy IPv6: if you've got a v6-only connection then you can't route to anything hosted by Epik.

Just finished a long chat over cups of tea with @NetCollectivePC@twitter.com about @faelix@twitter.com's approach to network engineering: lots of fun with routers made of commodity hardware running open source software, in particular @FRRouting@twitter.com and @vyos_dev@twitter.com.

It's almost like the herd immunity idea never went away.

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How it started How it’s going

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A shoutout and a massive thank you to @AristaNetworks@twitter.com for being a sponsor at @uknof@twitter.com next week Tuesday 19th January. Registration form by scanning the QR code in the image or by clicking on <uknof.uk/46> ^DB

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Errmagerdd, +Ldn is on tonight! Two awesome, industry leading presenters, two cutting edge topics, *and* two communities in one meet-up! 😁

Join early for a 7:30pm (UTC) start. URL to follow by the usual channels. (Real) full names required for entry. 👌

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Great opportunity to join @OfficialUoM@twitter.com as a network engineer working on the SKA's network design! You'll collaborate closely with SKAO's computing teams & international colleagues in this role. Apply by 22nd January: loom.ly/YH5k44Y

@UoMSciEng@twitter.com @UoMPhysics@twitter.com

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Email I just got from Ubiquiti

"We recently became aware of unauthorized access to certain of our information technology systems hosted by a third party cloud provider."

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Putting the "ice" into "splice"

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Nouvelles épissures "glaçons", équipes BL 64 sur le terrain par tous les temps....ça chauffe a Gourette ....merci Florian et Christophe.... @OrangeNvAquit@twitter.com @olivierdefosse@twitter.com @DUBOURGDOMIE@twitter.com @LolLaurent@twitter.com

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Lawrence Jones, the former CEO of Manchester-based UKFast, has been charged with rape and sexual assault. The offences are alleged to have taken place between 2010 and 2013. Mr Jones, from Hale Barns, is due to appear before Manchester Magistrates Court on January 26.

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Customer build: complete! A tense few weeks of change-freeze waiting for path swings, but the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place for the customer just a few minutes ago. Both packets and 🥳🎉🍾 emoji are flying!

Now, where did I put that Talisker… 🥃

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2020 was our busiest year so far for hosting and @LINX_Network@twitter.com connections… but 2021 just got started with another access network choosing to colocate with us to expand their footprint into multiple London datacentres. faelix.link/colowithus twitter.com/LINX_Network/statu

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Nessun Dorma is no longer associated with the World Cup. It's about Ethiopian food now.

(sorry, Puccini)

Happy New Year, except the Intel i40e team.

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