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so now that defcon is free, and anyone can attend (virtually), and every skid who couldnt go or cant travel will have access, what is the "internet background radiation" noise floor gonna look like a week after defcon?

prolly a good time to patch all your external shit.

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Like most reasonably competent network engineers, I carry in my backpack & handbag a range of spares, adapters & cables. My makeup bag still has some sealed couplers in, because you just never know.

Today though, the day was saved by a small, unassuming duck instead.

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Drug cartel β€˜narco-antennas’ make life dangerous for Mexico’s cell tower repairmen buff.ly/30IxSa0

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This is a former Google and Facebook software engineering manager. These are his views on BLM and racism in the US.

At top tech companies, Black people consistently make up less than 3% of engineers.

Why is diversity and Black retention so low? Because these are our managers.

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Sorry, everyone! I got my tabs mixed up- it turns out that these are the statistics for US K1 Visas😬

My apologies for anyone who thought I was implying this clearly equitable and non-exploitive arrangement in any way resembled state-sanctioned sex trafficking on a vast scale. twitter.com/RealSexyCyborg/sta

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Sign ROAs. Deploy RPKI and demand your peers and upstreams do the same. twitter.com/routingmanrs/statu

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Well, he did it! He stayed up past his bedtime, went up to the top of his favourite hill and saw the Neowise Comet! (Thank goodness. Maybe he'll shut up about it, now...)

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A shoutout to both to @Rahi_Systems@twitter.com and @AristaNetworks@twitter.com for sponsoring @uknof@twitter.com July 2020. 2 hours of and technical content later today. <buff.ly/2AYH1Cu>. ^DB

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@maznu@twitter.com @bortzmeyer@twitter.com @reseauxsansfil@twitter.com @jpmens@twitter.com As more recursors join @firefox@twitter.com’s TRR, our recent β€œK-resolver” paper at NDSS MADWeb’20 proposes a resolution mechanism to distribute DoH queries across multiple resolvers which can potentially improve privacy and remedy the single-point-of-failure problem ndss-symposium.org/wp-content/

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A bit like top DWP heads who have never run a successful benefit reform I guess twitter.com/BrynleyHeaven/stat

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Re: Cloudflare outage β€” so how’s that DNS-over-HTTPS thing going for you then? Relying on centralised services is bad for the Internet, which was built on diversity and distribution. Instead we’re all helping to make Internet hyper giants that are too big to fail.

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That was a bracing few minutes of discovering undocumented dependencies.

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Seeing everyone go back to work except my friends and family is heartbreaking. Seeing the disdain at which people are treating eachother is infuriating.

Please, wear a fucking mask.

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Not radios on 5GHz ignoring DFS for a change…

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It's not raining in London, Kent or Sussex, but our radar says otherwise...πŸ“‘

The radar is actually picking up a swarm of across the southeast 🐜

During the summer ants can take to the skies in a mass emergence usually on warm, humid and windless days

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okay so it's 7,000 hours since @BorisJohnson@twitter.com should have resigned @Conservatives@twitter.com

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There is simply no way that Dominic Cummings did the right thing whilst care home workers did the wrong thing.

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Infosec community: "they're only words, what harm can they cause?"

Also infosec community: "socially-engineered my way in, fucking lol!"

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