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10years to the day since Nick Griffin appeared on . Feeling super lucky that platforming the far right consistently since has led to their almost complete demise as a political force. Hats off to the bbc, that went really well.

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Gonna start a kickstarter for us to send flowers and a 'sorry' card to every European head of state.

Who's in?

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If Labour back Boris Johnson's Brexit deal on Saturday in large enough numbers to push it over the line, they might as well start disbanding the party on Sunday morning, because they're finished. Please RT if you agree.

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okay so it's 600 hours since @BorisJohnson@twitter.com should have resigned @Conservatives@twitter.com

That’s 25 days of the most vote-losing, fraudulent, lying, corrupt public servant we’ve had (forced on us by hapless Tories) yet!

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@marabou@twitter.com @evacide@twitter.com John, putting "morals" aside, there's a risk calculation to be made. Providing service to Nazis and violent religious extremists means you're going to wind up in the press as the outfit that enabled them, when they go and shoot up a school or something. Why be that guy?

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@marabou@twitter.com @evacide@twitter.com Being the guy who made a cake for two other guys' wedding or the guy who let his female employees have health care doesn't result in a bunch of dead schoolchildren. It makes people happy.

There's a categorical difference here, not an equivalency or a slippery slope or something.

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Some engineers are having a bad night tonight. We've all been there folks, may your interfaces return speedily and your packets flow smoothly. twitter.com/outagedetect/statu

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Today it was announced that Yahoo! Groups is shutting down, and taking with it a piece of critical national infrastructure: the Oftel Yahoo Group which is used for managing UK phone number assignments.

Yes, really: See Ofcom's website ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf

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Following on from tweet about service delivery conference…

Calling out @DWP@twitter.com’s human rights abuses of the disabled as being heartless will no longer be a metaphor.

If you are proud to work in tech on systems like this then I ask you humbly, please, get into the fucking sea.

Invited to a UX/SD event in Manchester where DWP will give a keynote — boggled that other speakers are happy to share a stage with an organisation where "service delivery" is "work actually helps free people" — and told them to stick it.

Slides from my @net_mcr@twitter.com talk last night — during which I was heckled by a funeral procession outside…?! faelix.link/netmcr40

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@maznu@twitter.com It's horrifically disgusting what this gov't & DWP are doing.
The tax I pay should be spent in ways which benefit society.
They're doing quite the opposite.

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@maznu@twitter.com "fit to workshop means fit to work in a shop"

It's also an exercise in identifying which areas they're succeeding at (meaning: doing harm) and which ones they need to try harder at (to do more harm).

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If you manage to attend, you’ll probably be found “Fit for Work” and hauled in front of a benefit fraud investigation panel.

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DWP announce regional workshop events to ask disabled people how the social security system could better support their needs disabilityrightsuk.org/news/20 > @DisRightsUK@twitter.com

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Can confirm, received this pile of retrograde little-minded shite yesterday.

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So at the moment, we place an order with Germany and the goods come over within 2 days. That's it. No other paperwork req.
This arrived today
No more red tape they said.

Do you still believe the lying shysters ?

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