Ah, reliving the good times.

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Only a few days to go to this month's @dc44191@twitter.com, for our talk we have @maznu@twitter.com giving his talk "That time I tried to do responsible disclosure, and some industry podcast thought I was going to ransom everyone." eventbrite.com/e/dc44191-octob

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Join me at @DC44191@twitter.com on a voyage of discovery…

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1 Week to go. Come see @maznu@twitter.com and, @christiantoon@twitter.com & @UK_Daniel_Card@twitter.com give some truly spectacular talks twitter.com/dc44191/status/131

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@brian_armstrong@twitter.com I made a few minor tweaks to it for you. Hoping this gets merged quickly!


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Wednesday 28th October at 7:30pm we have @maznu@twitter.com discussing IPv6 remote vulnerabilities and, @christiantoon@twitter.com and @UK_Daniel_Card@twitter.com presenting a CISO panel. Tickets available here eventbrite.com/e/dc44191-octob
RT's greatly appreciated :D

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I'm making a thing! kck.st/3j0B6wK It's for people who want a backpack they can sanitise/clean easily during the pandemic, that just happens to be secure + waterproof. We're on day 3 at 41% funding. If you think RiutBag+ should exist, or you want one, come join us πŸ™Œ

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Gah! The super early bird RiutBag+ are gooooone! πŸ™€ So I've added early early bird rewards for all you kind souls who help lift my projects off the ground at the very start πŸš€ Thank you for knowing about and sharing my designs πŸ™πŸ™ bit.ly/3j90As1

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Soooo far behind on these inktober challenges thanks to a weekend in the Lakes followed by mountains of paperwork. Here's Day 10: Hope.

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People interested in networking dataplane under linux will probably be very interested in this blog post from @kinvolkio@twitter.com. Fascinating study!

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The great injustice of IPv4:

Lying to RIR to some extent worked for a very long time.

Honest companies and organisations returned lots of unused IPv4 for free.

And now everyone with a need has to pay those that hoarded them.

The only solution:


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Left all the skills boxes blank on the National Careers Service website and it suggested I retrain as a Cabinet minister.

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Like Uber, but for death.

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SpaceX is promising the Pentagon one-hour weapon delivery around the globe.


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Hot take: if your Twitter biog says "$executive at $company" then any disclaimer "opinions my own" is bullshit.

If you're going to elevate your profile with your position of professional responsibility, then you have professional accountability.

Fight me.

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This Thursday the 8th of October is @NetLdn@twitter.com 12 - The return of @netldn@twitter.com! No need to register, we'll send out Zoom details to the mailing list and post them here on shortly before 7PM, to allow you to join on time for a 7PM start. We're really looking forward to a catch-up! twitter.com/netldn/status/1176

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Also after helping build the modern Internet, working on most distributed systems seems so small and pointless. We were jolly green giants, striding the earth with routers, slinging light thousands of kilometers over spun glass thinner than a hair.

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