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HELP - I’m making a short film for a great charity, about the taboo around *talking about death* I’m looking for people who’d be willing do a short interview on camera in Manchester, next Friday. As always,keen to make sure it’s not all middle aged white men. Message for info! 😁

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This week's the week! is this Thursday (nice and early this month!) with a fantastic talk on SDN-enabling a global network from returning speaker @pumtrix@twitter.com! 😁

NetMcr, this Thursday 8th, 7pm @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com 😁

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This might just be the most satisfying thing you watch all day... The Great British Bake Off-enders kicks off Fri Aug 2nd at the . Tickets: tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/

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Axolotls are endangered in the wild. These cards are gorgeous, and profits go to environment restoration. Who wants to save money by splitting postage with me — and save the axolotl by supporting conservation efforts? enigmacards.com/collections/ax

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Jeff Bezos has decided he will not end world hunger today.

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Meanwhile Brexit inches closer.

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Brexit is at most 2332 hours away.

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The glacier "Ok" used to be a glacier but lost its status as such in 2014 when it had shrunk too much. This is a brand new memorial shield in its honour.

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Today's your day, @CogentCo@twitter.com (to peer with @henet@twitter.com).

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Good morning! Today's is 'cogent' s.m-w.com/30ud7xK

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Circled in red: what will remain of Europe’s largest glacier in just 10 years’ time.

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It's everyone! Woohoo! We'll have an ace talk from none other than Jon Langley of the ICO, bringing us their current thoughts around DNS over HTTPS. Jon's keen to engage with operators on this, so please bring your discourse hat!

Tomorrow, 11/07, 7pm @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com 😁

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Good to see that @ISPAUK@twitter.com decided to backpedal on @mozilla@twitter.com being nominated for .

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Read @ISPAUK@twitter.com 's full statement about this year's Internet Villain nomination here: bit.ly/2YITVet

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When the centre of was ripped apart by an IRA bomb in '96, UK govt gave £300k for hardship relief & relocation & £150k towards a design team to design a new centre.
*The EU gave £21.5 million.*
Yet we still hear we are
Ref: api.parliament.uk/historic-han

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Looking forward to @ICOnews@twitter.com doing an investigation and warming up their GDPR FINE LASER CANNONS: theguardian.com/politics/2019/

The buster release files have been signed off by the Release Managers! #releasingDebianBuster

Can’t help but think “conflict of interests”

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Yo @alexcf@twitter.com are you going to step down as @ISPAUK@twitter.com judge after they declared @Cloudflare@twitter.com's DoH partner @mozilla@twitter.com an "Internet Villain" for offering Cloudflare's product to their users?

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