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Hey everyone! Timely reminder that we're doing the virtual thing again tomorrow, along with @netldn@twitter.com. We have two fantastic presentations for you, including one from @960sutton@twitter.com! Starting 19:30 UTC+0 😁

(The meeting URL will be sent to our mailing list ~45mins earlier.)

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Don't forget that +@netldn@twitter.com is this Thursday, starting online @ 19:30 (UTC+1). Mailshot coming soon with the details. You'll need to be signed-up to get the meet-up URL, too: netmcr.uk

The never-ending call for presentations is open as ever, too. πŸ‘

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Never pay the ransom.

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Oh my word, it is the 2nd Thursday of May, which means that we must be running +NetLdn tonight! 😁

Talks tonight are from @rickjdon@twitter.com & @maznu@twitter.com, and we start at 19:30 (UTC+1). Meeting URL to be sent out to the mailing list shortly before the meeting, as usual. πŸ‘

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Errmagerdd, +Ldn is on tonight! Two awesome, industry leading presenters, two cutting edge topics, *and* two communities in one meet-up! 😁

Join early for a 7:30pm (UTC) start. URL to follow by the usual channels. (Real) full names required for entry. πŸ‘Œ

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Happy Wednesday everyone! It's the second Wednesday of this month, which means that it must be tomorrow! 😁

We'll have a brilliant talk on 25G Ethernet experiences from @mike_hooz@twitter.com, and lightning talks from @IanCleary@twitter.com & @960sutton@twitter.com. Still space for more, if you're keen!

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Join us for a virtual tomorrow evening! As our 48th event, it's also our 4th birthday, and so it'd be lovely to see as many of you as we can squeeze in.

We've a talk from @ajlanghorn@twitter.com, and an interactive talk & session with @maznu@twitter.com.

19:30-21:30 (BST/UTC+1), on Zoom.

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It's night next Thursday! We've got something brewing, so stay tuned. πŸ˜€

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Notably we're not going to be restricting attendance in any way, so if you've ever fancied joining and haven't been able to because of distance... Now's your chance!

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Nearly the extended weekend now! A timely reminder that later we'll release the URI for the first ever 'virtual' . Stay tuned from around 18:50 for that announcement (via email/twitter).

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Since @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com is closed right now (no idea why) we organisers thought we'd get together - over the Internet - with audio AND video, to do what we normally do each month: swap stories about running networks, while keeping one another sane. Beer optional.

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tl;dr: *tonight's* NetMcr cancelled. Mailshot soon.

Due to the recent UK Government advance to the 'Delay' phase of the Coronavirus planning, and to safeguard our community, we have taken the very difficult decision to cancel @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com tonight.

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A reminder for anyone staying in Manchester this evening as a result of the @LINX_Network@twitter.com site launch at @teledatauk@twitter.com, this month's @net_mcr@twitter.com is taking place tonight, 7pm @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com - anyone interested in the world of Network Engineering will be most welcome!

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Two weeks to go until the February event! We'll be starting at @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com at 7pm as per usual, with all the usual food and beverages available from the bar.

We need some talks, too. Do you have a network topic that you'd like to talk about? Please do let us know!

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🚨 klaxon! 🚨

If you're on our mailing list, you'll know already that the 43rd NetMcr is on Thursday of THIS WEEK!

We've another excellent & detailed talk from @CarlTSpeak@twitter.com on Next Generation Fixed Broadband Architectures for you!

7pm start at @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com 😁

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Soon now, networkers of Manchester! 41 is tomorrow night, 7pm start @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com! All the usual wonders for you to enjoy, including of course a brilliant talk from @AS_caspey@twitter.com on changing your Internet-facing ASN. Very useful stuff, don't miss out. πŸ™‚

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This talk is going to be epic.

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Not long now, Networkers of Manchester! As usual is on from 7pm tonight with a bumper two part update on EE's 5G rollout. This is absolutely one not to miss!

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Just one week out from September, and we're very excited to announce that we'll be welcoming Andy Sutton (@960sutton@twitter.com) back to NetMcr, to provide a 2-part update on EE's 5G rollout. This is absolutely one not to miss! 😁

Thursday 12th September, 7pm @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com.

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This week's the week! is this Thursday (nice and early this month!) with a fantastic talk on SDN-enabling a global network from returning speaker @pumtrix@twitter.com! 😁

NetMcr, this Thursday 8th, 7pm @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com 😁

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It's everyone! Woohoo! We'll have an ace talk from none other than Jon Langley of the ICO, bringing us their current thoughts around DNS over HTTPS. Jon's keen to engage with operators on this, so please bring your discourse hat!

Tomorrow, 11/07, 7pm @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com 😁

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Unfortunately our very well organised July event is now struggling to secure a speaker due to scheduling conflicts. Anyone would think it was the summer.

So how about it? Do you have a talk to give to the lovely people at ? 11th July @Marble57TStreet@twitter.com, all help provided.

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